Flooring Installation in Auburn, WA

Beautify your home with gorgeous, elegant flooring! True Quality Construction, LLC is a team of contractors that offers hardwood flooring installation, tile flooring installation, and vinyl plank flooring installation. What sets us above the rest is our commitment to perfection. In fact, clients in and around Auburn, WA have been trusting us for more than half a decade now. So whether you need hardwood, tile, or laminate flooring contractors, we can help!

Clients from the following areas can call us for expert flooring solutions:


  • Auburn, WA
  • Bonney Lake, WA
  • Buckley, WA
  • Burien, WA
  • Covington, WA
  • Des Moines, WA
  • Fairwood, WA
  • Federal Way, WA
  • Kent, WA
  • Lake Tapps, WA
  • Renton, WA
  • SeaTac, WA
  • Bellevue, WA
  • Seattle, WA


Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwood Flooring Installation

Getting hardwood flooring installation is a solid way to upgrade your home. Apart from a gorgeous wooden finish, here are the reasons why residents should consider hardwood flooring installation:


  • Clean Indoor Air: Unlike carpet, laminate flooring, or tiles, hardwood flooring does not have crevices or fibers that trap dust and allergens.
  • Versatile: One common reason residents get hardwood flooring installation is its versatility. In fact, this type of flooring matches with almost any interior design.
  • Durable: A hardwood flooring installation can last for decades. Hardwood might be prone to scratches, but its overall durability sets it above other flooring types.




Are you ready to get a hardwood flooring installation for your home? Then reach out to the best contractors in and around Auburn, WA! Call (206) 785-4912 to book your first appointment with us.



Laminate Flooring Contractors

Laminate Flooring Contractors

Looking for laminate flooring contractors can be quite hard. In fact, there are thousands of flooring installation brands in Washington alone. So, it could take you a whole day just to get in touch with a few of them. If you don't want to waste your time looking for laminate flooring contractors, then turn straight to True Quality Construction, LLC!

We are flooring installation contractors that offer various flooring solutions to residents in and near Auburn, WA. What sets us a notch above other laminate flooring contractors is our versatility. Not only do we offer laminate flooring, but we also provide alternative flooring solutions. In fact, our team will help you decide exactly what your home needs.

Are you ready to work with reliable laminate flooring contractors? Then call us now at (206) 785-4912! We provide free quotes and estimates.

Tile Flooring Installation

Tile Flooring Installation

Here are some of the reasons why our clients choose to get tile flooring installation:


  • Cost-Effective: Tiles might not be the cheapest option, but considering its low installation cost and long lifespan, a tile flooring installation becomes a very good investment.
  • Eco-Friendly: Tile flooring only consists of sand, glass, and clay mixed with recycled materials. Also, no trees were used to create even a single tile and the factories produce very minimal waste.
  • No VOCs: Getting tile flooring installation gives your home better air quality because they don't contain harmful volatile organic compounds. You can breathe in clean, chemical-free air.




So, have you decided to go with tile flooring? Clients in and around Auburn, WA can book an initial consultation with us today at (206) 785-4912!



Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation

Vinyl plank flooring installation is a popular option for bedrooms, kitchens, and units that aren't directly exposed to sunlight. Some reasons why residents might opt for vinyl plank flooring installation include:


  • Affordability: Vinyl plank flooring installation is one of the most budget-friendly flooring services there is. It's not that they're cheap. Rather, there's always an option for you to choose from no matter what your budget plan is.
  • Low-Maintenance: It's very easy to clean and maintain vinyl planks.
  • Quick Installation: Contractors can finish vinyl plank flooring installation in just a couple of hours!




Do you think vinyl plank flooring suits your home? Then call (206) 785-4912 now for a price estimate!